Technology and Livelihood Education

  • Gulayan sa Paaralan

– Raise the level of public awareness on the health and nutritional dimensions as well as the nutrition benefits of establishing school, household and community gardens using organic gardening technology
– Planting of vegetables and fruit bearing trees
– Propagation of malunggay cutting
– Raise the level of consciousness of teachers, students, parents on the importance of a clean environment conducive to teaching and learning through:

  • Poster Making; Seminar; Essay Writing
  • Search for cleanest school/functional classroom
  • Nutrition Program

– Planning and implementation of health and nutrition programs / projects in Home Economics in the elementary and secondary schools
– School Feeding Program
– Use of organic technology in planting malunggay, ampalaya and encouraging backyard gardening

  • Training first year teachers of TLE in the high school on the implementation of Career Pathways for Enriched Technology and Livehood Education

– Reproduction of teaching guides and resource materials in CP-TLE and EPP

  • Conduct of the Division Student Technologists and Skills Competition in EPP and TLE
      - H.E.
      - I.A.
      - Business Arts
      - Computer
      - Agriculture
  • Conduct of seminar – workshop upgrading EPP teacher competence on:
      - Fabric Painting
      - Tie and Dye
      - Orthographic/Isometric drawing
      - Simple Electrical Circuit
  • On-the-Spot Performance Evaluation of grade six pupils of EPP
      - H.E.
      - I.A.
      - A.A
      - Computer
  • Conduct of Monthly Division Meeting of EPP/TLE School Coordinators and Physical Facilities Coordinators to thresh out problems and submit required reports
  • Preparing Report on Probable Construction, Repair /Rehabilitation of Public Elementary and Secondary School Buildings to be submitted to DepEd Central for allotment
  • Monitor on going DepEd School Building Construction, Repair and Rehabilitation, and submit completion report to DepEd NCR – PFSED
  • Disaster Risk – Reduction Program

Teachers, student parents, LGU and other stakeholders be made aware of the importance of how to be prepared in time of natural and man-made calamities in order to minimize casualties

      - Organize School Disaster Risk-Reduction Council
      - Prepare and implement Disaster Risk Reduction Action Plan
      - Post important announcements and posters on calamities
      - Conduct drill exercises on earthquake, flood, fire and bomb threats

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